Collaboration with Agulu Paperbeads

Collaboration with Agulu Paperbeads

It has always been our plan to add some beautiful jewellery to our collection to compliment the clothes and now we have found the perfect partner. We are happy to announce a collaboration with Agulu Paperbeads. Agulu is an ethical brand creating jewellery from recycled paper and empowering women in Uganda. 

Paperbeads bracelet and beach wear

Agulu is based in Northern Uganda where the war with LRA left meny people in poverty and without education. The artisans behind Agulu's jewellery are Ugandan women who are now able to earn living for their families. 

All the paper beads are hand-rolled out of paper slices made of recycled paper, varnished and then created into different designs of jewellery. They are designed and handmade by a Finnish designer, Sanni Rosenström, together with Ugandan artisans.

While we are working on a bigger collection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings  together with Agulu Paperbeads, we have launched a small number of exclusive pieces, available soon in our online boutique.

The team Dunesi is always happy to add new products to our collection but this time it feels especially good. #dogood #giveback 


Bracelet and beach wear

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