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Monika, London:

Malibu maxi dress by Dunesi

I’ve got over a dozen pieces of Dunesi in my wardrobe and they are my go to holiday wear. I dislike ironing, so travelling with these pieces that look amazing straight out of my suitcase is a godsend. They work around the clock, meaning I need to take little else with me.

I’ve also just bought the new Dubai dress that’s made out of 100% recycled water bottles. It’s so light it almost feels like I’m wearing nothing! I look forward to buying more items in this green range as the dress is very versatile in its simplicity.

The Copenhagen dress, another new acquisition, is something I will be using for my hypnotherapy practice for its comfort and professional look. And, for those evenings I go straight out to meet a friend at a restaurant it will tick all the right boxes for a chic look too!

My all-time favourite is the Malibu dress that I wear more than anything else I own. It seems to be in the perfect colour palette to compliment my skin tone, so much so that I wore it for the images taken for my hypnotherapy website  (

Keep it coming Dunesi, I am always so excited to see the new designs!

Malibu maxi dress


Anelisa, Dubai:

Happy Customer of Dunesi

I wear Dunesi on a range of occasions. Part of its charm is that you can wear the garments in different places, like at the beach, in town by day, or even in the evening, really just by varying how you accessorise. 

I think any girl wants to wear something that isn’t available in every mall, something that’s a bit more limited edition in nature. But it’s also important to me that the founder has an ethical approach to fashion. With Dunesi I know that the labour involved comes from an ethical, respectful set of working conditions, and this makes me really happy.

Dunesi is great for travelling; a lot of the fabrics travel very well in luggage, so I naturally find myself packing Dunesi for all my trips away.

I also often get these lovely compliments when I wear Dunesi. I feel good in the clothes, and I guess that that just shines through… If you feel good, you look good!

How do you Dunesi Happy customers



Teija, Finland/Kenya:

Happy customers happy us

I first got attracted to Dunesi when I was running a bohemian beach boutique in Helsinki, something previously unseen and unique to the Finnish capital. I wanted the clothes I stocked to be out of the ordinary, yet equally suitable for the everyday as well as for luxury travel. Dunesi filled this criteria perfectly, as it is truly difficult to find a more versatile brand!

I have a wardrobe full of Dunesi so can draw on my own experience. When on holiday for example I can put on Dunesi to go down to the beach. When it’s time to eat, a Dunesi dress or sundress offers just the right level of chic for lunch.

Dunesi’s look is striking, it stands out from the crowd. On my latest holiday I wore one of my Dunesi kimonos by the pool and it got so much attention.

I’m also happy to hear about Dunesi being available now in Nairobi; I know that the colourful prints and light fabrics will be a fabulous fit there!

beach fashion by Dunesi



Charnely, Germany:

I have recently moved to Germany, but I was introduced to Dunesi whilst still living in Dubai. I’m a Personal Trainer and my everyday style is sporty, though over the weekends I like to feel more girlie whilst remaining comfortable.

What I love most about Dunesi is how it can be worn with sneakers or sandals to the pool or the beach but then all I need to do is change into some heels and touch up my make-up when going for cocktails somewhere more dressy after. The pieces are beautiful statement pieces. I always get complimented when I am wearing Dunesi.

Apart from the beautiful designs I have to comment on the quality of the material. All my pieces are so smooth to the touch. A very important quality in clothing to a Taurus!

Thank you Dunesi for making clothing for women of all shapes and sizes and for also giving one back to the environment and doing it so sustainably. 

Naomi dress happy customers  

kaftan love in the dubai desert



Layla, Dubai:

I love Dunesi for a number of reasons. For me they are so versatile. I have both the kimonos and dresses from Dunesi. I can throw on my kimono over my gym kit on the school run, over my swimming costume at the pool and the beach. I can wear them over jeans, over shorts. I can dress them up, I can dress them down. 

kimono style sustainable fashion

And it’s the same with the dresses: I can wear them during the day, out for dinner in the evening, to a brunch, to a wedding. I pack them when I go on holiday, because I can throw them over anything, and jazz up an outfit. 


happy customers happy us says dunesi

So for me, that’s why I love Dunesi, the versatility. And also, the quality of the fabrics is wonderful and they wash so, so well. I will definitely be buying more Dunesi to add to my collection! 


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