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Rent a dress for a one off look

At Dunesi sustainability is close to our hearts. Our ethos is to offer the opposite of throwaway fashion: small quantities of unique, timeless and long lasting pieces for the discerning modern woman. 

But we also appreciate that sometimes you only want to make the same statement once! After all, social media often means that your dress has hit the screens of your friends and family before you can say "Isn't it gorgeous?". 

Which is why it is with great delight that we offer a selection of our dresses at , a Dubai-based dress hire service.


Cadiz dress and kaftan by Dunesi

So, why not make like an A-lister, forget about arduous visits to the dry cleaner and remembering where and with whom you wore "that dress" last time, by simply choosing to rent your dress or perhaps an entire wardrobe for your next celebration or even a holiday! Our popular Mykonos and Tulum dresses, and the Cadiz dress with matching kaftan are on hand and just waiting to shower you with that star studded feeling. 

                     Mykonos dress by Dunesi  Mykonos dress by Dunesi

The Mode offer a try on service where you can try up to four dresses to make sure that you get the perfect fit, and their dresses can be rented for three or seven days (or longer by separate arrangement). 

And do remember of course that Dunesi too offer a same day delivery and "try before you buy" service within Dubai should you wish to hold on to your beautiful pieces after all!

Read more about Dunesi and our drive for sustainability here. 

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