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Hanne Ripsaluoma Founder Dunesi portrait



The Dunesi story began in 2014 by designing bespoke slow and ethical fashion in Dubai, selling online and in hand picked retail boutiques. Today, we make exclusive collections of unique, re-imagined and reworked pieces from preloved denim. The one-of-a-kind denim collectibles are complimented by relaxed shirts and tops in limited numbers.

The Dunesi philosophy is centered around celebrating your uniqueness in an effortless and fun way. Each of our pieces is unique, like you, and like every day and night.

We believe in "slow" and "ethical" way of dressing and are committed to creating timeless high quality clothes and accessories that are unique or come in small quantities.
We are passionate about giving a new life for preloved denim, acquired locally in Dubai and inspiring people to build their unique wardrobes that stand the time.

Dunesi is a supporter of ethical manufacturing, and every item in the collection is produced locally in the UAE in limited numbers while focusing on taking small but important steps towards sustainability.

Who's behind?

I am Hanne, the Founder of Dunesi.
Dubai has been my family's home for over a decade and my personal passion for fashion and deep love for the beach and surrounding desert was the catalyst for the launch of Dunesi. The name of the brand is made up from two parts, first D for Dubai and then a Finnish (my mother tongue) word "unesi" which means "your dream", Dunesi therefore standing for ”Your Dubai Dream”.

Each Dunesi product is created with love and is something that I would wear or know that my friends would use and treasure for seasons to come. I hope you will make beautiful memories in our denim pieces and relive the memorable moments every time you wear them.

With my love,