Our Story: The Dunesi Brand

Our Story: From Passion to Fashion - Dunesi's Journey
Curating Chic, Celebrating You
Here’s the lowdown: Dunesi isn't your typical brand. It’s Hanne Ripsaluoma’s brainwave, sparking a style revolution.
She's not just a designer; she's an ethical fashion advocate, crafting threads that celebrate YOU.
We’re not about fancy words; we’re about curated chic. Each piece is a canvas for your individuality, a work of art carefully reimagined or designed by Hanne herself.

Each piece, handcrafted to perfection, is a nod to individuality.

Sustainability? It’s part of our DNA. Hanne’s heart beats for the planet, and it shows in her commitment to conscious fashion. As a woman in the fashion industry, Hanne wants to empower other women, working solely with small female owned tailoring businesses and making sure our female artisans are treated and paid fairly.
 Hanne’s creative journey is like a world tour.
From Finland's beauty to Bali’s serenity, every item from our boutique is an ode to her experiences and her artistic soul.
Got a thing for denim? Hanne does too. Our denim pieces are more than fabric; they're wearable passion, defying trends and celebrating your style.
Dunesi isn’t just clothes; it's a tribute to your uniqueness. Hanne's leading the way, crafting a style that’s sustainable and inspiring.
Get ready to redefine luxury and embrace a conscious chic like never before.